Update as of 8/12/22 (Evening Update)

Proofs have been distributed for:
Rosedale, Northeast, LBJ ECHS, Garza, Eastside ECHS, Ann Richards YWL, LASA, Crockett, Anderson, Navarro, McCallum, Austin High, Akins, Bowie, Travis ECHS

Estimated Date Proofs to be distributed:
Next – UT Health Science (estimated date TBD)


Question:  What if my schools proofs have been distributed (denoted by complete in the list above), but I did not receive my proofs?  What do I do?


1. First – please check your spam/junk mail filter

2. Check the email address that was on file with your school or the school district.  Even if you as the student did not submit the required information prior to the deadline it is possible that the information has been sent to your parent/guardians email address.

3.  If neither student nor parent received the proofs after checking the items noted in #1 and #2.  

Click on the Graduation Card Form (submit the required information)

Note – you will be required for identity verification purposes to include a photo of your diploma given that you are submitting the information following your graduation date (this is indicated on the form).

Class of 2022 Graduates

First of all Congratulations!

Graduation photo proofs are being processed at this time for all AISD School 2022 Grads, Huston-Tillotson University 2022 Grads and UT Health Science 2022 Grads.

What do I need to do in order to receive proofs from my (or my students) graduation?
At this time – you do not need to do anything. We are currently processing proofs.

When the proofs for graduates are complete, an email with information for viewing/ordering will be sent to direct contact email we were provided (contact information was provided either via the school or directly from the students/parents prior to the graduation). Yes, Parents/Guardians, the students were asked to include a parent/guardian email address so the proofs should be sent to both you and the graduate where applicable.

We will provide an update on this website as we get better estimates of when a given schools proofs will be ready for sending so feel free to check back here periodically.

What if I do not receive my proofs after the website update indicates they have been sent out for my school?
If later, you see that your school’s proofs have been completed/sent out and you didn’t receive proofs for any reason – at that time you will be able to provide updated contact information as needed (verification will be required). You do not need to submit or resubmit any contact information now as processing of proofs is initially ONLY being based on the information that was provided before the deadline (the deadline was the day of the graduation).

If the graduates information wasn’t provided before the deadline – you will still have an opportunity to submit information later as needed in order to receive proofs (assuming you or your parent/guardian do not receive the proofs with the first submission).

Resubmitting contact information if not needed (i.e. duplicating the information) will complicate/delay the process which is why we ask you to wait until after the initial proofs are sent out. ONLY if you do not receive proofs with the initial submission will you want to submit/re-submit contact information and we will provide specific direction regarding how to do that at the time if needed.

Any additional questions regarding proofs – email us at support@keepitdigital.com

Thank you,
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