Proofs have been distributed for all 2022 Graduations:
Rosedale, Northeast, LBJ ECHS, Garza, Eastside ECHS, Ann Richards YWL, LASA, Crockett, Anderson, Navarro, McCallum, Austin High, Akins, Bowie, Travis ECHS, AISD Summer 2022

Huston-Tillotson University, UT Health Science


Question:  What if my schools proofs have been distributed (denoted by complete in the list above), but I did not receive my proofs – What should I do?


1. First – please check your spam/junk mail filter

2. Check the email address that was on file with your school or the school district.  Even if you as the student did not submit the required information prior to the deadline it is possible that the information has been sent to your parent/guardians email address.

3.  If neither student nor parent received the proofs after checking the items noted in #1 and #2.  

Click on the Graduation Card Form (submit the required information)

Note – you will be required for identity verification purposes to include a photo of your diploma given that you are submitting the information following your graduation date (this is indicated on the form).

Proofs will be sent to you once the identity verified information is submitted via the graduation card form.

Any additional questions regarding proofs – email us at support@keepitdigital.com or call 512-217-3177

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